“That which ought and can best be taught inside the classroom should there be taught, and that which can best be learned through experience dealing directly with native materials and real life situations outside the school should there be learned.” – Julian Smith, 1943, Outside the Classroom, The Educational Forum, 7(4), 363

Train to improve performance, productivity, and relationships, in a fun outdoor setting, rather than a boring conference room.

Studies have found that there are numerous benefits of being in the outdoors.

Increase your “Return on Investment” (ROI), reduce overhead by having your training outside on your lawn, at local park, or local beach; increase attention and retention.

Training in the park
  • Glasgow Center for Population Health reported studies that outdoor activities that involved a purpose and team relationship, improved confidence, self-esteem, and retention. Specifically, one studies showed, 56% improvement in retentions for the people who attended their program versus those who didn’t.
  • Being outdoors for part of the day helps reset circadian rhythms and balances hormones; thereby feeling more energetic, improving performance and productivity.
  • Reduces stress and improves over all mental health, beyond temporary mood. There are strong links to reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression which could positively influence learning capacity and ROI of training dollars.
  • Options for team-building activities are greater outdoors

And, you don’t have to go far away, just step outside!