Why is it so tough sometimes, to achieve a goal?

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Copy right: Salvatore Crambra

Copy right: Salvatore Crambra

What are the challenges that stop us from working towards achieving a goal?

I am sure many of us are thinking of problems like lack of resources, support, etc.

All of us at some point have experienced being stuck in accomplishing our goals in life because we found no solution.

To simplify the topic, I have summarized these challenges:

  1. We often lack clarity of the goal we are trying to achieve.
  2. Certain real and imaginary fears inhibit us from moving forward.
  3. We lack the drive or motivation to work towards achieving goals.

Research shows that people are driven by emotions.

We can find numerous examples of people who were passionate about their goals in life, overcame tremendous challenges and created unbelievable possibilities.

One such example is the way Mahatma Gandhi led Indians to achieve independence from the British. In the beginning, nobody believed his goal was achievable.

So, what kind of emotions kept Gandhi motivated without fearing failure or not knowing the outcome of his goal?

How could he single-handedly inspire so many?

Battle between excitement and fear

Tug of warWhen we work towards a tough goal, there is a tug-of-war between the excitement for the end rewards and the fear of failing. The excitement motivates us while the fear hinders us.

It is normal to have both the emotions. The gap between the level of excitement and fear will determine the progress rate towards the goal.

In other words, higher the excitement and lower the fear, the faster we will acquire our goal. We can harness this force to overcome the challenges.

Potential for success = Excitement – Fear to move forward

Excitement to attain a goal can be generated by having clarity of the end rewards and knowing the impact of failure.

Excitement = Rewards of achieving + Impact of failure

Therefore, it is important to know how to achieve your goals.

Three practices to achieve your goals in life

  1. Scanning Body, Mind and Heart (BMH) – increases self-awareness
  2. Journaling to transcend fears – helps in making healthy choices
  3. Creating a “Vision Board” – gives a reason to move forward

1) Scanning BMH

Set a random alarm on your watch or phone. When you hear this alarm, follow the below process:

  • Close your eyes.
  • For about 15 seconds notice the thoughts you are having and feel the emotions (anxious, bored, peace, etc.).
  • For next 30 seconds scan your entire body :

– First, notice the top of your head and feel the sensation. Then observe your face and back of your head. Keep scanning downwards around your neck, shoulder, chest, and back until the tip of your toes.

– Do not judge whether you are doing good or bad. If your mind drifts, which will inadvertently happen, focus yourself back to scanning.

– After you finish scanning from head to toes, take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

2) Journaling to reduce fear

  1. List all the fears that deter you. e.g. I’ll lose credibility
  2. Rate the intensity of each fear on a scale of 1 – 10 (maximum)
  3. List the consequences against each fear if it comes true and rate the consequences from 1 to 10 based on their effect on your life

3) Creating a vision board:

Sample of vision board

Sample of vision board

A way to set achievable goals and have clarity on the end rewards is to create a vision board.

Select a board of appropriate size that fits the wall across your bed or office. I suggest a 3ft wide by 4ft high but it depends on your need.

On this board, create your vision using symbols, pictures, poems, phrases, etc. This vision should display your life in every segment (financial, professional, social, family, recreational, and spiritual), after you have successfully achieved the goal.

The process is dynamic and you can always modify the vision board as you gain clarity. The important part of the process is to look at the vision board every morning and create an image in your mind. The more detail you add, the more engaged and driven you will feel.

I would appreciate any feedback. Share how these tips helped you overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Please contact me: shabbir@shabbirlatif.com