“Shabbir’s workshop on emotional intelligence challenged students from various healthcare disciplines to increase their self-awareness.  He provided practical thinking tools in order for us to explore outside of the box into the unknown.  My greatest takeaway is, this area of the unknown holds a lot of possibilities and solutions that can expand our emotional and intellectual awareness and experiences, and...

Lisa Vanageatigul

SJSU-OTS program

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James Tati

SJSU-OTS program

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I had a very beneficial coaching session with Shabbir. He is a very empathetic listener. He asked questions that allowed me to dig deeper inside myself. Shabbir provided me with a few simple structures, which gave me something to work with for understanding communication. He gave me ideas that allowed me to see more options in situations. I realized that...

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“I found Shabbir’s workshop very interesting and engaging. He understands what it takes building a trusting, ethical, and effective relationship with clients and the challenges attorneys face. He clearly explained the benefits of emotional intelligence to client and lawyers in their interaction with each other and the courts. He presented some practical ideas to overcome them. His presentation further clarified...

Bob Denebeim, Attorney, Family Law
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Shabbir facilitated a workshop on “Emotional Intelligence for cohesive organization” for a client. We have done many team building sessions with this client; however this time we combined the team building with Shabbir’s workshop. The feedback we received was extremely positive and the client invited us for another workshop for all their senior managers. The participants responded that the workshop...

Erik Henyon, CEO

Organization Wide Leadership Solutions

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Shabbir came to Standard and Poor’s to give a presentation on “Emotional Intelligence for Excellent Customer Service” for an event for WINS, our global employee network. He was professional and worked with me in brainstorming ideas before the event to ensure his presentation tied into our theme. His presentation was entertaining, informative, interactive, and he displayed a great amount of...

Lauren Kawawaki, Operation Specialist

Standard & Poor’s

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Shabbir’s presentations are always engaging, and you will leave his presentations with nuggets that are applicable to your life and business. Shabbir's presentations are very interactive and full of fun activity no matter how big the audience is. Shabbir gave three presentations at our venue and I am looking forward to having him come back for more.

Ayelet Gingold

Ambassador at Successful Thinkers

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Great presentation by Shabbir! The intro exercise was fun & a wonderful way to be reminded to think "outside the box" as Dave said. One too many times I find myself only looking at the "box" rather than pulling myself back and looking at the bigger picture.

Marissa Ampon


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I found to my surprise that thinking about the idea of fear related to something that seemed very far removed from that possibility brought a whole new way to see an issue I have. Good succinct job in presenting this. Great that we got to do an relevant activity.


Successful Thinker's Member

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I did notice the interactive way Shabbir engaged the audience made a lot of your material even more tangible. The videos and images were also very effective at clarifying the concepts.

Elijah Angote

The Best Notary

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I've had the unique pleasure of knowing Shabbir for 12 years. As Managing Principal of AWCS, I had the rewarding opportunity to interact with him in all facets of program design and training development. Above all, I'm impressed with Shabbir’s ability to cultivate and build a team atmosphere through collaboration, emotional affinity, and rapport building. As a creative outdoor experiential educator, and result-driven trainer, Shabbir would be a superb asset for any position where his experiential, organizational and facilitation skills are required.

Ashanti West

Ashanit West Consulting Service

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The workshop allowed us, the students, to interact and use our real life situations in each competency that we were studying. I have already started implementing some of the processes covered in class and have found that I am experiencing less anxiety in moments where I know previously I would have been flustered. This class is not only useful for business but can be applied to many situations in everyday life.

Aletha, Manager

Imaging Center

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Shabbir does an extraordinary job presenting the theories of Emotional Intelligence and helping the participants understand how to translate them to the real world, as well as motivating them to take action. I left the Emotional Intelligence workshop feeling inspired, motivated, and leaping toward change. By reflecting on how you can impact climate, you become empowered to know that we are all change agents and everything starts with us.

Amanda Mihalko

Salinas Valley Psychiatric Program

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Shabbir did a great job of presenting seemingly abstract concepts in a clear and tangible way. The workshop was engaging, informative, and offered a great blend of theoretical knowledge and practical activities. Not only was it interesting, but the concepts can immediately be applied to your everyday life.

Stephanie Sibille

Grand Dynamics

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A student who participated in Shabbir’s emotional intelligence classes was in my office (principal’s) due to a conflict with another student. This particular student came to our school with extreme anger issues which he usually resolved by fighting anyone who crossed him. On this particular day, I was concerned he would take care of his problem with the other student with anger and physical aggression toward the other student. However, as we talked, he told me that he was using the techniques he learned from Shabbir and named the emotion he was feeling and was dealing with and would not act out in aggression toward the other student. This student told me that the classes with Shabbir were his best experiences of the year in school for him. I noticed a remarkable difference in this student at the end of the school year from when he joined us in his ability to deal with issues in a manner that did not involve physical violence upon others. He developed an understanding of others he did not have before and found new ways to solve his issues with others. I plan to expand the class so more students will be able to benefit from Shabbir’s work. – Carol Adams, Principal. New Leaf/Briones Schools

Carol Adams

New Leaf/Briones Schools

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Recently my staff and I participated in a condensed Emotional Intelligence workshop with Shabbir Latif. I can say without question that it was one of the most powerful trainings my staff and I have partaken in a long time. I concluded the training effective and enlightening. For me, the training was extremely powerful. I was feeling stuck and frustrated about certain situations in my life, both professionally and personally. After the session I was inspired and hopeful about my future and the situations that were affecting me. I had an insight that if I understood and clarified “What” I wanted, the “How” would follow succinctly. This seems easy to understand in concept, but Shabbir presented it in a way that made it relevant and profound for me personally. I no longer have to stress out about minutiae and can focus on what I really want. I highly recommend this training for teambuilding, professional and personal enlightenment and assistance in expanding ones horizons. Thank you Shabbir!

Michelle Neal
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Shabbir Latif’s workshop on Emotional Intelligence has been useful and valuable. Shabbir presents concepts and tools that I have been able to use to better recognize, understand and work with my emotions. The workshop has helped me proactively anticipate how to respond and behave more in the ways that I would want. I’ve also gotten a little better at managing...

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I learned that basically I feel safe with Shabbir during this short time. For me to discuss my weight issues to Shabbir, let alone a man. I am proud of feeling comfortable enough to share as I think this will help me address this resistance cycle.

M.N. Director
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I was struggling with an issue about how I can best conduct business certain type of customers. This issue was serious enough for me to consider change my work. Less then ten minutes talking to Shabbir about this issue, he pointed out an area of my thinking that has kept me from moving forward with my customers. I was so...

Jay Soong

Handsome Moto

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Thank you Shabbir for being such a good listener. I learned somethings about myself that I was not aware of, or maybe I was, but you helped see them in a different light. I appreciate your understanding and your patience.

Marcos Rochas
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