Recently my staff and I participated in a condensed Emotional Intelligence workshop with Shabbir Latif. I can say without question that it was one of the most powerful trainings my staff and I have partaken in a long time. I concluded the training effective and enlightening.

For me, the training was extremely powerful.  I was feeling stuck and frustrated about certain situations in my life, both professionally and personally.  After the session I was inspired and hopeful about my future and the situations that were affecting me.  I had an insight that if I understood and clarified “What” I wanted, the “How” would follow succinctly. This seems easy to understand in concept, but Shabbir presented it in a way that made it relevant and profound for me personally. I no longer have to stress out about minutiae and can focus on what I really want. I highly recommend this training for teambuilding, professional and personal enlightenment and assistance in expanding ones horizons.  Thank you Shabbir!

Michelle Neal