A student who participated in Shabbir’s emotional intelligence classes was in my office (principal’s) due to a conflict with another student. This particular student came to our school with extreme anger issues which he usually resolved by fighting anyone who crossed him. On this particular day, I was concerned he would take care of his problem with the other student with anger and physical aggression toward the other student. However, as we talked, he told me that he was using the techniques he learned from Shabbir and named the emotion he was feeling and was dealing with and would not act out in aggression toward the other student. This student told me that the classes with Shabbir were his best experiences of the year in school for him. I noticed a remarkable difference in this student at the end of the school year from when he joined us in his ability to deal with issues in a manner that did not involve physical violence upon others. He developed an understanding of others he did not have before and found new ways to solve his issues with others.

I plan to expand the class so more students will be able to benefit from Shabbir’s work.

– Carol Adams, Principal. New Leaf/Briones Schools

Carol Adams

New Leaf/Briones Schools