Shabbir facilitated a workshop on “Emotional Intelligence for cohesive organization” for a client. We have done many team building sessions with this client; however this time we combined the team building with Shabbir’s workshop. The feedback we received was extremely positive and the client invited us for another workshop for all their senior managers. The participants responded that the workshop was very interesting, engaging, and immediately applicable to real life situations. Shabbir has provided OWLS with a new business dimension. Shabbir is very professional and expert in his field.

—Erik Henyon, CEO & Founder Organization Wide Leadership Solutions--OWLS, Inc.

See what OWLS’ clients have to say:

    • Shabbir’s workshop was eye opening for me. I was able to apply the information provided right away in real life situations. Understanding different brain styles of my colleagues, I was able to have more efficient working relationships, even with people who I had conflicts in the past. I understand when I have to present factual information or emotionally based information to people depending on their different brain styles.— BT
    • I found Shabbir’s workshop in Des Moines in November to be very helpful. It was very interesting, engaging, and I am able to apply the information I learned right away. I try to remember both my brain style and the style of the person that I am working with to make the most of our communications. I believe it helps me understand how different people react to different situations and what skills individuals can bring to new projects. —JK
      • I am surprised how useful and interesting this course was!
      • Lots of great insightful information. Different ways at seeing and thinking. Loved examples to connect points. Good points too.
      • I can use these tools right away to help.
      • I am able to understand my superiors and coworkers using profile of our brains and how we can interact.
      • I think shabbir is very engaging and has great insight
      • Useful in identifying personal strengths and in relationships with co-workers both on emotional level and completion of projects
      • I feel more self-aware and I feel like I have more skills to work with others.
      • Fun and interactive, very engaging and very useful, very interesting, informative,
      • Lots of self-discovery
      • This will help with conflicts and understanding others in our office
        • Very informative & a differing view of using someone’s strengths to advance the organization’s goals
        • I learned a lot how I and other think and how our minds work. How I can apply that knowledge to the workplace as well as home. Very good job!
        • Really allowed for self-evaluation and allowed me to accurately discover my strengths and how I can use them to benefit my office
        • Outstanding training session to open & explore our organization’s EI
Erik Henyon, CEO

Organization Wide Leadership Solutions