Why hire Shabbir as a Speaker?

A well respected speaker and expert whose trusted insights change the way people approach workplace situations. Shabbir routinely advises teams of professionals toward a powerful goal; to improve productivity, performance, and relationships among coworkers.

Fueled by an infectious passion and engaging style, Shabbir lays out simple solutions to some of the most complex and ignored problems we face in today’s workplace. His style is poised to stretch creativity and provide a truly memorable experience.

In the wake of establishing himself as a sought-after consultant, Shabbir has made appearances at high schools, large corporations, and maximum security prisons. Some of his contributions include, former lecturer at San Jose State University, and advisor to an international committee that promotes Social Emotional Learning throughout Asia.

Shabbir strives to make a positive impact on everyone he encounters, using great care and enthusiasm to produce lasting results.

Shabbir recently presented at our company All Hands. He communicated a very powerful message of thinking outside the box to come up with solutions when there seem to be no easy fixes. The team found his talk to be inspiring and many felt that they could take the learning and apply it immediately to problems they faced. Shabbir really cares about the work he does and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious.
— Mustafa Vahanvaty, Manager at NAEHAS

Actionable Advice and Lasting Results

  • Engaging, fun, and informative
  • Dramatically higher ROI on training expenses
  • Higher productivity and morale
  • Tighten the social fabric among coworkers

Forget about staring at the clock to watch the minutes crawl by. Surprise your team with an engaging and memorable experience that brings everyone a little closer, emotionally and intellectually.

Not every business is the same, which is why I tailor my talks to your specific needs. You have the freedom to choose from a number of areas and topics that are directly applicable to your business. The trick is to introduce new concepts, refresh old and forgotten ideas, and package it in a way that is immediately actionable.

I Help Teams Improve:

  • Navigating Emotions
  • Resiliency: Growing from Success and Failures
  • Managing Change
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Managing Stress
  • Developing healthy Relationships
  • Generating Motivation
  • The list goes on…

Please contact me if you have questions about related topics or a blend of the aforementioned areas.

Let’s talk about choosing a package that fits your business needs