Workshops geared towards improving people skills are generally helpful, but the value of my workshops are enhanced by targeting measurable outcomes. By offering tools to measure outcomes of interest along with the workshop, clients can track their improvement as they implement the tools, techniques, and knowledge gained during the workshop.

  • The SEI provides practical measure of EI based on the model developed by Six Seconds. SEI provides a framework and practices for action.
  • A thorough report list your EI competencies and practices you can use to improve.
  • The SEI 360 provides stake holders perception of your EQ competencies

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6Seconds EI model
EI model from
SEI 360: See what the stake holders think of your EQ skills

SEI 360

  • Brain Profiles to understand how each of us perceive reality, make decisions, and get energize.
  • So that we work effectively with others
Brain Profile
Brain Profile
  • Dashboard: Brain Profile at organization level
  • EQ determine Talents that determine Performance

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Dashboard: Organization level brain profile

Based on the Vital signs model from, there are three action oriented assessments:

  • OVS: Organizational Vital Signs
  • TVS: TEAM Vital signs
  • LVS: Leadership Vital Signs

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Vital Signs of Leader, Team, or Organization
Vital Signs of Leader, Team, or Organization

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