To live life authentically, positively, passionately, and purposefully

In Memory of My father

In Memory of My father

On this Father’s Day, I would like to remember some of my dad’s attribute and how this influenced my life.

My dad had a really positive attitude. He was very courageous to live his life with integrity, passion and, purpose.

Passion and purpose:

He was a self-made engineer. He had only a high school degree; but he had a passion to work with electronics.

In India, most of his relatives and friends joined their dad’s business whether they liked it or not. Instead of joining grandpa’s business, my dad got his diploma by completing a correspondence course from the British Institute of Technology. I am sure this “distant course” must be extremely challenging at that time when the quickest option to communicate was the slow postal route.

He also learned by experimenting with electronics and building radios on his own. Later in his professional career, he built an advanced version of scientific equipment using newer technologies without having any formal training.

He was also passionate about taking care of his family and spent time with all of us. He made sure that all the three children would have a wonderful future. This brings me to his attribute of love and courage.


I am the only son out of three siblings. I was a terrible student during most of my high school days. The Indian method of teaching was not suitable for my intelligence.

In India, especially for his generation, it is more important for the son to stay with the family. However, my dad worked hard to send me to the USA when I was 18 years old. I can’t imagine the love and courage needed for a father to send his only son, 18 years old, to New York in 1966. At the time, when there were no TVs in India to learn about the life in NY and the only affordable two-way communication took 3 to 4 weeks.

I am eternally grateful to him. I would not have been where I am without his foresight and courage.


Dad believed in honesty. In India, exchange of “Black Money” (unofficial to avoid taxes) are a very common part of the economy. To the dismay of many relatives, dad sold some inherited property at a very low price to avoid any unethical deals. He chose simplicity over dishonesty.

Positive Attitude:

Most of what I admire about him is his positive attitude. He seldom spent time complaining or criticizing. He looked at and appreciated positive part of life.

He was very authentic and his true self showed up after he experienced symptoms of Alzheimer. Despite being delusional, he continued to see the life in a positive light.

Dad would express how beautiful his room was and it was given to him by the government because of his service. He would appreciate items like the fan in the room and the table-cloth on his table.

He mentioned how beautiful his life had been and if he had to relive, he would not change any part of his life.

I am so grateful to him, not only for the life in this beautiful country, the USA, but the positive ways to look at life despite any future challenges I may face.

I wish I have half as much courage to be authentic in life and continue to live my life with purpose and passion.

If he was assessed for Emotional Intelligence Competencies, I believe he would rate high on Consequential Thinking, Intrinsic Motivation, and Noble Goal.