What are Emotions?

Emotions are automatic, biological responses based on how our brain interprets situations around us as either threatening or rewarding.

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence involves our ability to:
a) Gain knowledge
b) Use knowledge
c) Use knowledge for a particular purpose

So Emotional Intelligence is our ability to being smart with our feelings!

  • Our ability to know (label) our emotions and understand the messages they provide
  • Our ability to make healthy choices based on this knowledge
  • Our ability to make purposeful choices to make a difference to ourselves and others

According to the 6 Seconds model (6seconds.org), these three components can be developed by practicing eight skills.

  1. Enhance Emotional Literacy
  2. Recognize Reaction Patterns
  3. Navigate Emotions
  4. Apply Consequential Thinking
  5. Engage Intrinsic Motivation
  6. Exercise Optimism
  7. Increase Empathy
  8. Pursue Noble Goals

These skills are learnable and measurable by the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment (SEITM) and they help us attain success in life and improve quality of life.

For more details on the EI Competencies download pdf file

6Seconds EI model