Using the tools from this class, I have been able to overcome workplace communication obstacles in a situation where I typically would have given up and quit. I believe that I can experience more professional growth utilizing the techniques learned in Shabbir’s class.” –Theresa Alster, Executive Communications Director, San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School

Our training programs and workshops are:

  • Tailored to the needs of the client
  • Conducted outdoors or indoors. There are significant benefits of training in the outdoors.
  • Designed to combine experiential learning with exciting activities to improve emotional intelligence. Studies have shown that our brain has evolved to retain information longer when attained via engaging experience rather than visual or verbal presentations.
  • Designed so that information attained is applicable to real life
  • Based on latest neuroscience research
  • Challenging and insightful yet fun and engaging
  • Not designed to “fix you” (nobody is broken); but rather to help you identify your blind spots, examine and understand the beliefs in your blind spots, and change these beliefs as necessary to remove any barriers imposed and help you move forward.

I provide services & packages that fit your needs.