“I was struggling with an issue about how I can best conduct business certain type of customers. This issue was serious enough for me to consider change my work. Less than ten minutes talking to Shabbir about this issue, he pointed out an area of my thinking that has kept me from moving forward with my customers” –Jay Soong, Staff Accountant at Handsome Moto

Four weekly 60 min sessions per month + email support: $540.00

Twelve weekly 60min sessions for 3 months + email support $1440.00

Ongoing support for 1:1 coaching:

Four weekly 60mins session per month + email support $486.00

One weekly 60mins session per month + email support $1296.00

Six weeks Emotional Intelligence with pre & post Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment (SEITM) – $999.00

SEI assessment before the 1st (pre) and 6th (post) session. See the difference before and after the four weeks training.

I provide services and packages that fit your needs

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